IAVA's annual membership survey begins this week

Eric Dehm
March 26, 2018 - 12:20 pm

Photo courtesy IAVA


There are some things that happen every year. Christmas, Veterans Day, and the annual Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) membership survey are among them.

The IAVA survey period begins this week, according to the organization's Research Director Steph Mullen, who says that it's the organization's best tool to gauge membership support and opinion on various issues, including those which are the group's "Big 6" legislative priorities for the year. The survey serves other purposes too, such as tracking changes in membership opinions, such as the recently noted downturn in support for VA Secretary Shulkin among the IAVA rolls. 

Mullen says the key to being able to adjust to the needs and desires of membership is to get a solid response to the survey, something she says they've historically gotten.

"We get a great response rate...we have about 250,000 for our population size," Mullen says. "Last year we had about 4,300 members participate and complete the survey."

Mullen says that number of responses allows for a significant enough sample size that IAVA is confident that there is only a 2 percent margin of error for the survey. Mullen points out that membership in IAVA is free for eligible veterans, and all members are invited to take part in the survey. 

To hear the full interview with Mullen on the survey, and other issues including the organizations reaction to the new White House guidance on transgender service members, click Play below to stream immediately or to listen later click, Share and select download from the available options.