Answer IAVA's 2018 survey for a chance at free round-trip plane tickets

Eye on Veterans
October 25, 2018 - 1:59 pm

As a data-driven organization, Iraq and Afghanistan of Veterans America (IAVA) says it takes great care to develop their annual survey and get it out to their membership. The results of the completed surveys are how the VSO develops their plan of action for the coming year, specifically their legislative priorities. It is, arguably, the single most important thing the IAVA team does each year, which is why they want to hear back from as many members of the organization as possible.

Easier said than done.    

Few, if any surveys get 100 percent response rates, with the notable exception of the Command Climate Surveys that military CO's worldwide make sure everybody takes. That's why it's not unheard of for those conducting a survey to offer a reward of some sort in exchange for simply answering some questions. That's what IAVA is doing with the 2018 edition of their annual survey, but they're not offering a tote bag, squishy football, or cheap sunglasses. No, if you fill out the survey you won't be receiving any of those...but you'll get a chance at something much bigger: airplane tickets to a destination of your choice. 

"We know it takes a lot of time, we ask a lot of questions as this informs our advocacy for the year," IAVA Research Director Stephanie Mullen says of IAVA's decision to sweeten the pot. "But when you complete the survey, you are able to enter in for a drawing for five round-trip Southwest Airlines tickets."

While current IAVA members should have already received a link to the survey via e-mail, Mullen says she wants to let new members know that if they qualify for membership they can join at the IAVA website free of charge. If they do, they will find a link to the survey in their welcome e-mail and the accompanying chance at those plane tickets.

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