Humor: Veteran Congresswoman thanks herself for her own service

Matt Saintsing
March 20, 2018 - 4:18 pm

Ron Medvescek/The Republic via USA TODAY NETWORK


If no one thanks you for your service, just do it yourself!

That’s what Rep. Martha McSally (R-Ariz) did on her own Facebook live video.

A graduate of the Air Force Academy, and A-10 pilot,  posted a video over the weekend of her visiting a replica of the Washington D.C. Vietnam Memorial Wall in Oro Valley, Arizona.

The Congresswoman then commented on her own video: “Great video quality! Thank you for your service!”

The comment is now deleted and the Congresswoman’s communications director, Kelly Schibi said in a statement to CBS News, “the Facebook comment came from a district staffer who was intending to compliment his colleague’s Facebook Live filming skills from his personal account.”

“Obviously, he accidentally neglected to switch accounts and posted from the Congresswoman’s account."

"Corporal punishment was on the table, but Congresswoman McSally showed mercy and instead sentenced him to 100 pushups a day until such time as she sees fit,” Schibi joked.

McSally is currently running for Senate in the seat that will be left open when Sen. Jeff Flake (R) retires.