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How transitioning veterans can select the right corporate culture

July 18, 2019 - 4:57 pm

By Lashree Obee  SHRM-SCP, SPHR  (U.S. Marine Corps Veteran) / Special to

Whether you have served in the U. S. Army, Air Force, Navy, or Marine Corps (Ooh Rah!), you will have that moment, like most veterans, transitioning from military service to the civilian workforce. This change can cause a veteran a bit of anxiety as to the uncertainty of your professional future.

Up until this moment, you have worked in a very structured environment, with a distinct culture very specific to the organization. You knew exactly what it took to be successful, the policies and procedures were deeply ingrained into your heart and mind; you learned your craft, picked up your pack, and hit the ground running.

Now you are transitioning to what seems to be the unknown, and it may sound a bit scary.  No need to fear, many companies see veterans as ideal employees, possessing the character, professionalism, and skills desired in the workplace!

One of the ways veterans can ensure a successful transition into the civilian workforce is to select a company with the right corporate culture.  Although the ideal culture varies for each individual, it can be rewarding to work for a company with a corporate culture that lines up with your personal values. 

Below are seven (7) points to help transitioning veterans identify the ideal corporate culture: 

  1. Military Veteran Friendly – Take a look at the company’s social media platforms, newsletters, employee communications, company recognitions, and speak with veterans that have previously worked for the company (if possible).  Check out the organization’s level of involvement and/or partnership with veteran organizations and professional associations. Do they participate in military functions, job fairs and events? How many veterans are currently working for the organization? Finding an organization that makes their support of veterans known can be reaffirming when looking to make the transition from active duty to civilian service.
  2. Services Provided – What services does the company provide to its customers?  Is it a service that you have a skill, ability, and desire to provide?  As a Veteran, you are most likely a “jack of all trades” and have skills that you may not realize; training skills, presentation skills, project planning, organizational, and most importantly leadership skills—to name a few. Look for an organization where you know your skills will add value to their service offerings. Come to the interview with examples of how your contributions have made an impact.
  3. Who is their customer – Does the company provide service to a customer that is important to you?  Do they support the federal government, Department of Defense, or an organization that is near and dear to your heart?  Working for an organization that supports a customer base that you value can feel particularly rewarding.
  4. Growth Opportunities – Does the company provide opportunities for growth and/or an opportunity to learn new things?  Are there opportunities in various career fields?  This can be particularly rewarding if you are looking to branch out into new areas.
  5. A Greater Purpose – Does the organization exist for a greater purpose, in addition to being profitable?  If this is important to you, take some time to research whether the company gives back to others and the community. 
  6. Employee Recognition – Does the organization recognize employees for outstanding performance?  As a Veteran, you most likely understand the importance of showing appreciation and value for sacrifice and a job well done.  It can be especially rewarding to work for a company that demonstrates an understanding of this also.   
  7. Work-Life Balance – As a Veteran, you have, at some point, had to ensure that the mission was first and foremost. More and more organizations are focusing on developing policies with an emphasis on work-life balance.  If this is important to you, take some time to research the company and their philosophy on work-life balance.

As a 2018 Military Friendly Top 10 Employer and Military Spouse Employer; Chenega MIOS places an emphasis on hiring our nation’s veterans because we believe they have the skills and values that make excellent employees. We frequently attend job fairs on military bases and have been involved with organizations such as Battlefield to Boardroom and Next Uniform. If you see us on base or at a local job fair, we welcome you to stop by our table and talk to us about our opportunities available for transitioning vets. 

For more information on careers with Chenega MIOS, please visit If you have any questions about Chenega MIOS, our culture, or current opening, you can email or send us a message through our contact page; we look forward to hearing from you!

Chenega MIOS is a proud partner of Connecting Vets.