Here's how you can help Carolina flood victims

Phil Briggs
September 20, 2018 - 12:45 pm



Sergeant Major Lance Nutt had barely finished his retirement ceremony last Thursday, when he packed his bags, loaded up trailers and headed to Wilmington, NC, along with members of the organization he founded, Sheep Dog Impact Assistance (SDIA). 

“Just getting into areas like Lumberton and Wilmington, NC was next to impossible because the roads were either completely flooded, or washed out,” he says.

SDIA’s Initial Response Team members are no strangers to disaster relief.  The veteran-staffed relief organization was on site to assist residents after Hurricane Harvey hit Texas one year ago.  Now, as a tent city comes together in a Home Depot parking lot in North Carolina, they have 60-100 veterans who break into teams to perform chainsaw work and delivery of food and supplies.

“Home Depot and Operation BBQ Relief have been great.  They’ve partnered with us and are making it possible for us to get the supplies and deliver meals. We're currently packing over 300 meals for delivery today,”  says Nutt.

Sheep Dog Impact Assistance

But as sunny skies return to North Carolina, so do a new set of problems. “For many residents down here, their disaster is about to happen,” explained Nutt. “These rivers are going to crest, and that means some people will experience flooding for the first time, later this week.”

Sheep Dog Impact Assistance

The total damage is monstrous.  “We’ve got chainsaws running all day, removing trees from houses, and we’ll need to do 'muck' work (mud removal) and food deliveries for weeks,” Nutt said. 

Sheep Dog Impact Assistance

So how can people help? “I hate to say it, but right now the reality is that people should just donate money,” explained Nutt.  "We've already spent thousands of dollars on fuel and will require even more to keep the chainsaws, generators and food deliveries running over the coming days. The heavy mud and tons of debris really take a toll on equipment with these types of disasters … But we’ll be here.”

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Sheep Dog Impact Assistance

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