Hollywood honors Thunderbird pilot killed in crash

Matt Saintsing
April 10, 2018 - 2:02 pm

Mike Dinovo-USA TODAY Sports


The elite U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds pilot killed last week in a crash during a routine training flight had worked as a consultant for the upcoming movie “Captain Marvel,” and the studio and actors in the movie are honoring him.

Marvel Studios called Maj. Stephen Del Bagno “a friend” who will “always be part of the team.” Del Bagno was one of the film’s military consultants, and while the filming of the film is well underway, the studio paused to honor his passing.

Brie Larson, an Oscar-winning actor who plays an Air Force pilot in Captain Marvel, took to social media in a tribute that called Del Bagno’s a “brilliant pilot and even better person. Larson plays the role of Air Force Maj. Carol Danvers, a fighter pilot who transitions from the military to superherodom. She said that Del Bagno had inspired her to work harder and live fuller. 

Captain Marvel is still in production and is expected to be released next year. The movie will undoubtedly be a smash-hit, thanks in no small part to Maj. Stephen Del Bagno.