Holiday gifts with a bang!

Phil Briggs
December 12, 2018 - 3:31 pm

Cabela's/Briggs Illustration


Santa may have 8 reindeer, but there are some good girls and boys who would rather have an 8x8 deer mounted on the wall.  

So we looked around and found some great gifts for the hunter and outdoor enthusiast in your life.

The Remington Model 783 Scope Combo

You can get a great rifle this year and still not blow away the holiday budget.  The Gear recommends the Remington Model 783 Scope Combo.  It's one of the most respected brands in firearms and offers great performance, a steel box magazine and comes in a nice matte black finish.  Reviews from users are consistently good. (Though some prefer to upgrade to a better scope)  With an MSRP around $400, this combo will set up any novice hunter for a happy holiday! 

The Winchester Model 70 Featherweight

This model has been an American classic for generations and remains one of top 5 rifles of 2018. According to, “You’ll fall in love with this rifle and what it’s capable of achieving in the field as well as owning a high-quality rifle from one of America’s oldest brands.” Cool features include the three position safety which allows you to work the bolt and check the chamber with the safety on.

MSRP 899.99

The smooth action (and really nice scope, not included) make this a joy to hunt with.  Watch firearms enthusiast and instructor John Hickok demonstrate this beauty:

It's Sweater Weather!

Are you ready to dominate holiday parties with this epic Deer Hunting Christmas Sweater? It's perfect for anyone who likes to hunt. How is this not the perfect outfit for the your holiday party?

Heroic Defender Sweater $39.95

Garmin inReach Explorer + Satellite Communicator/Navigator

If you hunt in areas beyond cell signal, having a way of navigation and communication is very important. Technology has evolved and now you can get a GPS unit that you can also send and receive text messages from beyond the grid. If you want deer updates from your buddies at other locations, or just find ‘em when the day is done, this unit is great.

Garmin inReach Explorer + Satellite Communicator/Navigator  $550

X-Plore Gear Emergency Paracord Bracelet

X-Plore Gear

Way more than a bracelet, it’s a 4 in 1 survival kit.  It features a whistle that can be heard from a far distance, a scraper that can be used as a utility knife, a compass to help you find your way, and a flint Firestarter to help create warmth, this bracelet will help you survive in every season and even during the apocalypse!

X-Plore Gear Emergency Paracord Bracelet  $10

Santa's got Game!

Santa will be your best hunting buddy this holiday season. The 15'' Deer Hunter Santa from Santa's Workshop is ready, willing and able to take you deer hunting this Christmas season. Equipped with his favorite rifle and deer rattle horns, Santa is leaving nothing to chance. From his faux wool-trimmed camo hat and pants to his red plaid flannel shirt and orange hunter's vest, this jolly fellow will take you into a holiday mood.

Cabela’s 15” Deer Hunter Santa $64.99

Caldwell Natural Series Whitetail Deer Target

Not only is it a nice way improve your accuracy, but the Caldwell targets feature the skeletal system, so you can really work on improving the quality of your shot.

Caldwell Targets $21.87

.45 Caliber Christmas supplies many professional gun ranges with tactical targets like the ones used by military and law enforcement. 

These 25” x 38” tactical targets are a great test for handgun accuracy from 25-50 yards.

Action Target .32 ea


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