Hire Heroes USA focusing on women veterans

Eric Dehm
March 06, 2018 - 9:57 am

Courtesy Hire Heroes USA

Some vets are unemployed, many more are underemployed. The fastest growing segment of the vet population, both overall and in those categories, are women. Hire Heroes USA, the Atlanta-based non-profit personalized employment assistance organization, sees this as a problem, but believe they are part of the answer.

Having helped over 8,000 vets, service members and spouses find a career in 2017 (a 26 percent increase over their 2016 numbers) Hire Heroes USA fully expects to see continuing growth, including among among the female vet population. To help ensure that happens, this month, the organization is focusing on women through their "Success After Service" initiative. 

"What we're trying to do at Hire Heroes is show how succesful these women can be," says Hire Heroes USA COO and interim CEO Chris Plamp, a retired USAF Colonel. "They have developed skills and talents and overcome obstacles throughout their entire career. They (companies that hire women vets) are going to come out and be stronger, better and a better workforce for it."

Courtesy Hire Heroes USA

Plamp says his organization has already held two women-only workshops in the first week of March and have several more planned throughout the month around the country as well as online. They've partnered with the Cheryl Saban Foundation in order to reach as many women vets as possible with the intiative. For those wondering why this is important, or who believe equality has already been achieved, Plamp says that things are moving in the right direction but we're in what he calls a transitional phase. He says that our sisters-in-arms are simply being treated the same as male vets by prospective employers, despite the fact that women are serving in more traditionally male roles within the military.

"They just opened, in the last few years, more comnbatant positions for women to go in," Plamp says. "Even though they've been there for a very long time and they've been serving side by side with men in the military. As it continues to be more prevalent and they make up a larger percentage, it's something the American public and the American corporate structure need to understand."

While Hire Heroes USA is specifically focusing on women vets this month, Plamp says the organization will always operate with the best interests of all vets in mind and do whatever they can to help women, and men, who've served their country find the right career for them while treat them with the respect all veterans have earned.

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