HillVets 100 Nominations End This Week

The awards highlight veterans making a difference on local, national levels

Eric Dehm
January 30, 2018 - 11:33 am
HillVets founder Justin Brown addresses the audience at the 2017 HillVets 100 awards ceremony.

Photo Courtesy HillVets

Do you know someone who's helping out the veteran community in a significant way? How about a veteran success story you wish more people knew about? Would you like to see them recognized for work that is often underappreciated or even unknown? If you answered yes, I've got good news for you.

HillVets, an organization that works to introduce veterans to the inner workings of politics in general, and Capitol Hill specifically, is in the final week of accepting nominations for the 2018 "HillVets 100" awards, which aims to recognize individuals who have succeeded in their respective fields. 

"What we try to do is really highlight the 100 veterans who really kicked butt in the previous year," Brown said during a recent appearing on The Morning Briefing radio show. "...it also includes service members and supporters, so technically, you don't have to be a veteran."

While the event, hosted by former Secretary of Defense and HillVets Advisory Board Chair Chuck Hagel, is centered on recognizing the actions of those in numerous spaces including business, politics, education, the arts, media and more. Brown sees it as more than the typical awards ceremony, he sees it as an opportunity for all in attendance.

"It ends up being this big cross-section of 100 veterans, service members and supporters that we highlight in a meaningful way and try to get them all into the same room," Brown said. "We think that, in itself, is an excellent networking opportunity. We also try to bring back all our alumni from previous years, so it ends up being a very big event."

The HillVets 100 nomination deadline is Friday, February 2, with the nomination form found here. The ceremony itself is set for March 29th at the Chamber of Commerce in Washington D.C.

Along with the HillVets 100, Brown discussed several topics including the latest legislative developments with VA Choice program funding, and questions about electronic health records during his appearance on the show. the full audio of the interview is below.

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