A heavily armed Marine arrested while attempting to enter Offutt Air Force Base.

U.S. Air Force photo by Jeff W. Gates/DVIDS

Heavily armed Marine arrested at Offutt Air Force Base

June 17, 2019 - 4:24 pm

By Ben Krimmel

An off-duty Marine was arrested at Offutt Air force Base after attempting to enter the base with two semi-automatic rifles, a pistol, a silencer, a bump stock, a vest with body armor and a case of ammunition, The Omaha World-Herald reports.

Pfc. Ali Al-Kazahg, 22 a Nebraska native, was arrested on May 31 when he attempted to enter the base while heavily armed after he was stopped at Offutt's StratCom gate when security guards there noticed his name on the law enforcement watchlist. He is currently in custody at Marine Corps Base Hawaii near Honolulu, where he is a landing support specialist. Al-Kazahg has yet to be charged, but the Naval Criminal Investigative Service is investigating the matter.

One week prior to his arrest, a "be on the lookout" bulletin was issued by the Nebraska Information and Analysis Center indicating Al-Kazahg was judged capable of doing harm. The bulletin, which was obtained by The World-Herald, stated Al-Kazahg told another Marine he would "shoot up the battalion, starting at the barracks" if he were disciplined for misconduct. The bulletin also said he mentioned specific Marines he wanted to target.

The bulletin notes he made no threats specific to Nebraska but said he had previously made "suspicious statements," had been reported for "suspicious activity," and had placed an order for weapons and supplies to be shipped to a Nebraska address. Authorities have not said why he went to Offutt the night he was arrested. And it is not clear to base authorities whether Al-Kazahg intended to harm people at the base, Lt. Col. William Smith said.

He joined the Marines on Sept. 11, 2017, and was assigned to Marine Corps Base Hawaii in August 2018 after completing boot camp in San Diego and additional training at Camp Pendleton in California and Camp Lejeune in North Carolina. Al-Kazahg is a member of the 3rd Marine Logistics Group, and his enlistment is up in 2021, The World-Herald reports.

Also cited in the bulletin was a caution from the Lincoln, Nebraska police issued before he joined the Marines in 2016 which alleged Al-Kazahg was “dangerous, has an infatuation with guns and violent acts and has a dislike for law enforcement.”

A video posted on YouTube shows Al-Kazahg and other Marines drinking the blood of a recently killed cobra and eating scorpion during training conducted in Thailand earlier this year. 

“Drinking the cobra’s blood was pretty fun,” Al-Kazahg said in the video.

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