Healing American Veterans symposium bringing vets and providers together

Eric Dehm
May 17, 2018 - 10:59 am

Photo courtesy AMVETS

There are ongoing issues when it comes to the healthcare veterans receive, from the all-too-common bureaucratic nightmares to the horrifying incidents where veterans do not receive proper care or respect. Vets know it, healthcare professionals know it, and the VA knows it. 

Those groups also know that there is a solution out there, one that will likely arise from open, honest discussion between the communities involved. That's the idea behind the Healing American Veterans symposium taking place on May 23rd in Washington D.C., according to AMVETS Chief Strategy Officer Sherman Gillums Jr.

During an appearance on the Morning Briefing radio show, Gillums spoke to the importance of each party involved coming to a full understanding of the concerns, barriers and limitations each other face. He also addressed the need to have vets representing different eras and experiences, pointing to specific concerns across the board with mental health care and the corresponding sky-high suicide numbers in the vet community. 

"The reason that's important is beacause if you think about it the three groups at the highest risk for suicide," Gillums said. "Vietnam veterans as the largest group, women veterans are the fastest growing rate of suicide, and post 9/11 veterans who have served in combat."

Photo courtesy AMVETS

Along with addressing mental health and healthcare issues, there will be a panel featuring legislative experts from AMVETS, the VA, and Congress who will discuss and address the legislative hurdles, failures and successes on Capitol Hill as relates to veterans. 

You can hear the full interview with Gillums which includes discussion on the AMVETS HEAL Team, and Gillums' personal experiences as a disabled veteran, below.

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