The CV Report #13: The ISIS Wife's family lawyer, Why should she return?

Phil Briggs
February 22, 2019 - 2:45 pm

Hoda Muthana ran away from her family in Alabama, pledged allegiance to ISIS, married terrorist fighters and eventually gave birth to a son.

Now, she regrets her decision and wants to come back to the United States and face justice.

Shibly/Associated Press

One day after the State Department said she would not be permitted to return, we talked with Hassan Shibly, a lawyer representing the Muthana family and asked him:

  • Why should she be allowed to return?
  • Was she even a citizen of the United States?
  • And why does this case affect how we interpret the Constitution?

His answers were interesting.

Also on the podcast:

Libby Howe shares the story of how a Coast Guard officer who espoused white-supremacist views,  was arrested on drug and gun charges and is suspected of drawing up a hit list as part of a domestic terrorism plot.

Associated Press

Coast Guard officer in domestic terror threats held without bond

And, Matt Saintsing shares the story of a drone operator in the Air National Guard, who tried to convince a woman he was a spy, in order to do some covert bedroom ops.

Zero Dark Dirty: Drone operator reaps aftermath for telling woman he was in CIA



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