Harley-Davidson helps military personnel get a handle on their deployment

Eric Dehm
September 15, 2017 - 1:04 pm

A USAF vet and his Harley-Davidson. (Photo courtesy Larry Bothner)

One less thing to worry about. 

That's the thought behind Harley-Davidson's program to provide free motorcycle storage to deployed military personnel. 

Between finding care for your kids and giving Power of Attorney to someone, there are a lot of arrangements that need to be made before deployment. 

Anoop Prakash, director of U.S. Marketing and Market Development for Harley-Davidson and a former Marine, says he's proud to be part of a company, and part of the programs, that help veterans and those still serving. 

"There's a great sacrifice that our service members make to support all of our freedom enjoying the sport of motorcycling and we want to return that favor," Prakash tells ConnectingVets.com. "When service members are deployed, we store their motorcycle for free and if their motorcycles are under warranty (with Harley-Davidson) we extend the warranty for the entire duration of their employment so they lose no days on their warranty."

So, if you're a motorcycle enthusiast and don't own a house with a garage -- yes, you need to put your bike into storage for two main reasons:

** Motorcycles tend not to hold up well to the elements. Whether you're dealing with the cold tundra surrounding Minot AFB or living on the beaches near Naval Station San Diego, your bike will be in worse shape when you return if it's not properly stored. And no, a cover isn't enough because snow, salt, ice, sand, rain, rodents and all other manner of things -- that can inflict harm to bikes -- will find a way to do that harm. 

** Do you really trust anyone with your bike? Is your best friend just gonna put it in the garage and not take it for a spin? Will your mom not use it as an extra clothes hanger? Will your significant other not try to sell off "that stupid bike" while you're gone? Probably not... maybe not? (oh God, they're totally going to do all of those things!) 

Seriously though, do you want to take a chance? Your bike is part of you, part of your lifestyle, part of your identity so how would you feel if something happened to it?

Life gets put on hold in many ways when you deploy. But through this program, Harley-Davidson, as they continue their 100 year-plus relationship with the military and veterans communities, is clearly doing what it can to ease this burden.