A gun cabinet for true patriots

Phil Briggs
April 05, 2018 - 12:59 pm

Metal Art of Wisconsin

At Metal Art of Wisconsin, they’re forging flags from steel and making gun cabinets with high tech and heavy metal.

The son a Vietnam veteran, and owner of  Metal Art of Wisconsin, Shane Henderson, described how the company started with just some sheet metal and patriotism. “Actually, I started it four years ago in my garage with my son. We started cutting patriotic military insignias, signs and other second amendment art, and starting posting it on Instagram…and then it just went crazy.”

After the initial pictures gained attention online, Henderson got even more creative with the designs, “we started with metal, cutting with plasma and painting them with spray paint…and that kinda got the wheels turning and then we started powder coating them and dyeing the steel, torching and adding grind marks. Now we’re doing directional polishing and other crazy stuff … so when the sun light hits it, it reflects in a really cool way.”

The specs on the website explain that Freedom Cabinets, “come stuffed with foam that can be configured to store guns, booze or any of your dirty little secrets.” The cabinets also come in two, three and four foot dimensions.

The newest generation of their kick-ass carpentry comes equipped with invisible RFID locks (Radio Frequency Identification) and key cards. Henderson explained, “So you have a cabinet on the wall, with your guns, and mags and ammo … and there’s no way to get into it. There’s no handle, no button, no key lock … you just swipe a magnetic card in front of it and it beeps and slides open.”

In addition to providing gun safety, Henderson explains how the custom projects provide another benefit, “A huge part of our business is the custom side…guys wanting a flag with their name, their father’s name or a picture engraved on it. We donated so much to non-profits and fundraisers that we actually started a division of the company called Flags for Fortitude.”

Henderson explained that through Flags of Fortitude’s website, people can nominate a hero, “whether it’s their grandpa that fought in World War II, or their father who is a police officer, or even their school crossing guard … anyone they think is a hero, and we’ll ship ‘em out a flag for free.”

Henderson explained it’s now how they start their day, “We gather around the computer and read these incredible stories from all over the country, and some of ‘em are real tear jerkers.” The team reviews nominations and then proudly sends flags out several times a week.

Now, with over 200,000 followers on Instagram, their work is not just hanging on veteran’s walls, but also celebrities like Shaquille O’Neil, country music star Alan Jackson, NFL players, sports figures and fans nationwide. It's important to mention though that this Wisconsin company is a fan of the Green Bay Packers and they will gladly ship to Chicago Bears fans, though Henderson said, “it may take a bit longer”.

You can find the gun cabinets and custom artwork forged by Metal Art of Wisconsin online and the Flags for Fortitude nomination page here