Guess who's betting big on veteran success?

Eric Dehm
June 21, 2018 - 1:50 pm

From the start, the daily fantasy sports site DraftKings has been in the business of making money, and they've been quite good at it. They bring in hundreds of millions of dollars from sports enthusiasts willing to test their skill in competitions with everything from bragging rights to huge cash prizes on the line. But now, it's becoming clear the Boston-based company is about more than the bottom line. 

This month, the first class in DraftKings inaugural corporate social responsibility intiative "Tech for Heroes" (a partenership with VetsInTech) begins in Boston with an eye towards expanding the veteran footprint within the tech industry. The plan is to do this through comprehensive, free, high-tech job skill training in cities across the country to veterans and their spouses, regardless of their experience in the business.

"The great part about Tech for Heroes is that it's not a 'one size fits all'," said DraftKings Director of Global Public Affairs James Chisholm on the Morning Briefing radio show. "We want to meet veterans where they are in their careers, either just leaving service or already have left and moving along in their civilian careers. But the idea is to provide them with the skills that tech companies like DraftKings look for. For example, in our pilot class they'll be learning front-end web development. So HTML, CSS, learning sort of how to build websites."

Photo Courtesy DraftKings

Following that inital 10-week pilot class, DraftKings will soon announce the first round of cities where they will host additional classes. While Chisholm couldn't yet release the locations, he did say there will be an eye towards prioritizing areas with significant veteran populations and mentioned Texas, California and Florida as likely destinations but pointing out that the company doesn't want to leave anyone behind and will target smaller population areas eventually. He also points out that DraftKings plan is a bit different from most programs of a similar type, specifically when it comes to the availability of the courses.

"Where there is a big demand, we will stay," Chisholm promised. "This is not something where we're going to offer one class in one city and then leave. If the demand is there, we will stay and at the same time if there's the demand for a higher level of training... we will absolutely do something like that as well." 

In addition to providing those additional courses to meet demands, Chisholm said the company has plans to add online training at some point in the future.

Those interested in more information on the program can contact DraftKings directly via e-mail at

You can listen to DraftKings' James Chisholm's appearance on the Morning Briefing below. Click Play to stream now, click Share and select Download from the available options to listen later. 

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