Grunt Style's new GruntFit app helps vets get back in shape

Jake Hughes
February 07, 2018 - 10:01 am

"A Drill Sergeant in your pocket!" That's how Grunt Style is marketing its new fitness app, GruntFit. That's a bold claim. As a former Drill Sergeant myself, I know that getting out of shape and getting back into shape is a tall order. But GruntFit seems to be able to do the job.

Tiffany Hampton, who designed the app, had been a fan of Grunt Style since the beginning. "I remember Dan (Alarik) selling t-shirts out of his car, because I was buying them from out of his car." An Army vet and now, doctoral student, she left the service to pursue a career as a Supply Chain professional, managing large projects for a Fortune 100 company.

However, she quickly realized that her passion was helping others to better themselves. She left the company and joined Grunt Style. Once there, Dan told her about his vision of an app that would not be for everybody, but for those that need it most, those who just need a little extra motivation.

That in mind, she created GruntFit. The app both creates a workout plan, and lets you modify it to suit your needs. After users input their gender, height and weight, and age, the app poses a few specific questions: 

  • Workout location - currently, it only has options for a gym workout, but the in-home workouts are coming soon.
  • Body fat percentage (optional)
  • Main goal - lose, maintain, or gain weight.
  • Fitness goals - stamina, or size and strength.

Once you've registered, the app has it all: meal recommendations, include morning and midday snacks, workout routines and everything you will need. It plans out your entire week, all while offering encouraging messages and motivation. Although the app is marketed again as "A Drill Sergeant in your pocket," you don't have to worry about being called names and being punished... er, I mean "corrected." However, the app will remind you if you didn't meet your goal for the day, but it will not berate you.

The response has been beyond Tiffany's expectations. "There was so much demand for this app that when we launched on the first of January of this year, it crashed our servers. Five hours in, we had thousands of people who wanted this app." With the server issues fixed, Grunt Style will continue to update the app in the coming months. The app is available on the iTunes App Store and on Google Play.


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