This Thanksgiving I'm thankful for my military upbringing because...

November 21, 2018 - 9:46 am

This Thanksgiving and every Thanksgiving, I'm thankful for my military upbringing — the good, the bad, and the Thanksgiving dinners in DFACs.

I'm thankful for my military upbringing because...

...of flag raisings at the buttcrack of dawn.

...I didn't learn until I was 22 that grocery stories, besides the Commissary, charge tax.

...switching schools as often as military dependents do doesn't suck — it's a "learning opportunity."

...there is now no shortage of photos of me looking awkward in foreign places.

...everyone awkwardly hesitates when asked: "Where are you from?" (not).

...we appreciate the pressure that comes with being identified as "Oh you're the [insert parent rank here]'s kid."

...promotion ceremonies are always fun.

... I can use the "my father's a general" line on any frisky first lieutenant I no longer want to talk to. 

...nothing is more fun than spending a Friday night in the BX Food Court (because we didn't know there were other places to hang out).

...the smell of cardboard boxes and the sound of packing tape no longer makes me cringe.

... there was always fun stuff to do at my dad's office when he had to work late.

...all the shenanigans we could get up to when a parent was gone for extended periods of time — but mostly we just missed them.

...anyone from school I hated was guaranteed to move within 9 months.

...the military is such a small world that I get a chance to live near my ex-boyfriends from sixth grade at least one more time.'s obviously made me pretty confident in my abilities (this was not my chair). 

And because it allowed me to grow, challenged me to be resilient, and taught me about work ethic, determination, perseverance, and service. I couldn't be more proud of my military heritage.

Happy Thanksgiving