Is this the world's most perfect flag?

Julia LeDoux
July 03, 2019 - 3:41 pm
world flags


Ever wonder what a flag that represents the entire world would look like? 

Researchers at Groupon did, which is why they analyzed the flag of every country on planet Earth and came up with what they're touting as "the world’s most perfect flag".

 Here it is:

Perfect flag

Every color on every national flag was recorded, along with other information, such as whether or not the flags included a crest, four-legged or winged animals, or geometric shapes and their proportions.

Researchers found that red, white and blue are the most commonly used flag colors in the world, but the stars and stripes that are the hallmark of the American flag make it stand out from the rest. Only 30.8 percent feature stars, and 48.5 percent feature bars. Only 17.1 percent feature both. In addition, 50 percent of national flags that include animals feature a bird.

The researchers also counted every stripe on every single flag, along with all the other shapes and symbols to isolate the five most common primary features on flags. The data showed that there are 339 horizontal stripes across all world flags, which makes for an average of 1.71 stripes per flag. Researchers counted 263 total stars, which when divided across all the world flags comes out to an average of 1.33 stars per flag. Using this method, researchers calculated that each flag also has .43 of a vertical stripe and .35 of a triangle.

Researchers also examined the 36 national crests present on flags to come up with a world crest. The data showed that 53 percent of crests have shields, 44 percent have animals, and 44 percent include words.

To create the animal for the crest, researchers looked at every animal in every crest and followed the data: Fifty percent are furry, four-legged animals, 46 percent are birds, and 4 percent are reptiles.

Even with all that data, we at Connecting Vets think this is the world's most perfect flag:

American Flag
Getty Images

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