This Special Forces vet wants to help you... with your taxes.

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January 04, 2019 - 2:02 pm

Photo courtesy Erik Casarez

If there's one person you want paying attention to detail, it's your accountant. If there's one group of people known for attention to detail it's the Army's Green Berets.

Coincidentally, have you heard about the accounting firm run by a Green Beret?

Green Ledger CPA was co-founded in 2016 by Special Forces vet Erik Casarez and his wife Rebecca, a CPA, with a special focus on helping small businesses stay financially viable.

So how does one go from the front lines to checking line items? It wasn't a direct path for Erik, who first started a software company. It was, in fact, his experience as a CEO, along with Rebecca's as an accountant, and a DIY attitude that led to their current venture.

Photo courtesy Green Ledger CPA

"As a business owner and working with tax professionals, bookkeepers and accountants and on her side as a tax and accounting professionals working in the industry we both saw some areas that needed to be addressed," Erik says of the spark that began Green Ledger. "Instead of trying to do it externally, we just decided to create our own firm to address those issues."

They've done so with services ranging from bookkeeping to valuation, taxes and payroll. Erik and Rebecca believe that Green Ledger has positioned itself to help all business owners, including veterans who might not have as much experience in the civilian world, avoid financial mistakes. Rebecca points out that whether a business has been around for 5 minutes or 50 years, it's important to have a good accounting firm on your side.

"The biggest thing is not running into common obstacles that they are not aware of," she says. "Having a solid foundation from the beginning whether it's the tax structure, making sure that you're compliant with the state and federal, that's the basis in the very beginning to make sure that you avoid any type of negative backlash from not being intelligent in this space."

Photo courtesy Erik Casarez

With Erik serving as Marketing Manager and Rebecca running operations, this couple is proof that it's all about teamwork. 

"It wasn't one of those 'hey we're married, let's lean on each other for this business' kind of things," Rebecca says of going into business together. "It was that he filled a gap that I couldn't fill, and vice-versa."


Photo courtesy Green Ledger CPA

You can hear the full interview with Erik and Rebecca Casarez below. 

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