Game releases to drool over in 2018

Jake Hughes
March 19, 2018 - 12:02 pm

(Image Courtesy of Dreamstime)


2018 has already seen some major releases in the world of video games. Monster Hunter World, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, and Subnautica have sufficiently wowed gamers. But, there's no rest for the weary. Some epic games are slated for release later this year, including sequels to some of the best games ever made! So let's check out a few.

Sea of Thieves - PC/Xbox One - March 20th

Yargh, me harties! Sea of Thieves, from developer Rare, is an open world sandbox adventure which pits players against each other as pirates from the olden days. You and your crew, or you alone, will sail between exotic isles, engage in ship to ship combat with cannons blazing and cutlass swinging, search for hidden treasure and much more. It's also a shared game world, which means groups of players will encounter each other regularly throughout their adventures. So sharpen your blade, load your blunderbuss and dive into this cartoonish take on the Seven Seas!

God of War - PS4 - April 20th

A "rebootquel" of the original series, "protagonist" Kratos has killed all the Greek gods. So, what is he to do now? Well, kill all the Norse gods, duh! This new installment from Santa Monica Studios will see Kratos explore the Norse wilderness and interact with the gods once more, but this time accompanied by, (and this is raising some eyebrows) his son Atreus. Now, in most games, when a kid gets involved, things usually boil down to annoying and tedious escort missions. But, as you can see from the trailer, the game seems to take notes from The Last of Us and have the child be able to hold their own. I, personally, can't wait for this one to be released next month.

Saddle up, cowboys and cowgirls, and get ready to take on the Wild West in this sequel to the wildly popular Red Dead Redemption. This time, instead of a former gang member, players will fill in the shoes of Arthur Morgan, an outlaw and a member of the infamous Van der Linde gang. You'll rob banks, take on bounties, epic shootouts and tons more old timey western things. This game will also have an online component. Rockstar games hit paydirt with Grand Theft Auto 5's innovative online play. We'll have to wait and see if this one can muster the same lasting player base.

Spider-Man - PS4 - TBD

It's a shame that one of the comic world's most fun characters has such bad luck in gaming. The last "good" Spidey game was Spider-Man 2, a movie tie in game, of all things. Well, the Web Slinger seems to be set to make a great comeback, thanks to the team at Insomniac Games. As you can see from the footage, Spider-Man seems to take notes form the Batman: Arkham series of games, with its prompt-based combat, sneaky stealth sections and blitzing fist fights. The plot involves Spidey's continuing nemesis Kingpin, so it's sure to be full of wise one-liners and twisting turns.

The Last of Us: Part II - PS4 - TBD

Oh, man, I am so hyped for this game. A sequel to the groundbreaking first game, little is known about the plot of TLoU 2. We know it follows on the footsteps of the ambiguous and, in this reporter's humble opinion, terrible ending of the previous game, with Joel and Ellie riding off into the sunset after...**spoiler alert.** We know that it centers on Ellie, and as you can tell from the trailer above, it's not a happy story. As series director Neil Druckmann says, “This is story is about hate.” Fun!

We'll stay on top of these games as more information comes out, so stay tuned.