Former SECNAV predicts Naval Station Norfolk will be under water within our lifetime

Phil Briggs
July 08, 2019 - 9:45 am

U.S. Navy photo by MC2 Josue L. Escobosa

Will hurricanes and mega-storms destroy essential military posts? Will Navy bases go under?

Navy veteran Ray Mabus is a former Secretary of the Navy and in a recent interview on "The CV Report" podcast, he issued this dire warning, "If we don't do something about sea level rise caused by climate change, within the lives of people alive today Norfolk, Virginia, the biggest Navy base in the world will disappear."

Mabus went on to explain how climate change is the force behind the type of nasty storms capable of crippling essential military bases around the country, "It's not just the bases on our shores," Mabus said.  "Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska went under water because of a big storm ... The GAO has identified over 100 bases that are at high risk, either because of rising sea levels or increased frequency and intensity of storms."


Above: Offutt Air Force Base and the surrounding areas affected by flood waters are seen in this aerial photo taken in March 2019.

Mabus also outlined measures and steps the US should be ready to do to combat the effects of global warming and how it's not only a matter of national security but may also hold the key to our own economic superiority.

Daniel Woolfolk / Marine Times

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