VetStory: The insane story of the 'Baghdad Country Club'

Phil Briggs
July 27, 2018 - 2:42 pm


As a British Paratrooper, James Thornett jumped out of planes and fought against terrorism.  

He’s risked kidnapping and beheading in Fallujah, lived in the jungles of Sierra Leonne, and made it past the Taliban in Afghanistan. 

So it makes sense he was able to bootleg booze down a highway that was attacked daily by terrorists, and establish a bar in a war zone -- during one of the bloodiest times in Iraq’s history.

This is the true story of how Thornett founded the Baghdad Country Club, where the club slogan was "it takes real balls to play here."

In this episode:

  • A random stranger in an airport
  • You can do what?
  • Months later ... a Christmas miracle!
  • Actual sound from the deadliest road in the world- Route Irish
  • 24 hours to get out
  • Smuggling back into Baghdad?
  • Robert Downey Jr?
  • How to bring the Baghdad Country Club to you
  • Raising money for Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA)




Ultimate booze bootlegger and 'Baghdad Country Club' founder James Thornett


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