Pikes Peak National Cemetery officially opens with burial of four veterans

Elizabeth Howe
November 02, 2018 - 1:16 pm

Photo courtesy of coloradosprings.gov


Pikes Peak National Cemetery opened in Colorado Springs this week with the burial of four veterans: a Marine, a sailor, an airman and a soldier. 

The new cemetery is 374-acres and has the capacity to honor 95,000 veterans, spouses and family members — a much needed expansion. Fort Logan, a nearby national cemetery, is over 100 years old and averages 20 burials a day. As the sixth busiest national cemetery in the country, it would have run out of space in 2032. The opening of Pikes Peak National Cemetery extended the life of Fort Logan and eased the concerns of veterans and their families. 

The land for the cemetery was purchased in January 2014 for $4.49 million. Of that acreage, only 65 have been developed so far — enough for 13,300 gravesites. The four burials this week officially opened the cemetery right on schedule.

Photo courtesy of National Cemetery Administration

The four veterans honored at the inaugural burial were Air Force Senior Master Sgt. Charles Joyner, Army Pfc. James Grant, Navy Seaman Joseph Romery and Marine Corps Master Sgt. Kurt Krause. These four are the first of many. Director of the cemetery, Paul LaGrange says 300 veterans are in the process of seeking burial and another 100 have asked for remains to be moved to Pikes Peak from other cemetery locations in the state.

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