FEDVIP insurance rates released early

Jonathan Kaupanger
September 27, 2018 - 1:42 pm

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Rates for both dental and vision insurance through the Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program (FEDVIP) are out earlier than usual this year.  With the Tricare Retiree Dental Program (TRDP) ending December 31, the early release gives veterans extra time to shop for insurance.

If you are a veteran and currently insured under TRDP, to have dental or vision coverage on January 1, you must sign up during the FEDVIP enrollment period, November 12 – December 10.  Enrollment in FEDVIP is not automatic for anyone enrolled in TRDP. 

Insurance rates are available on the BeneFeds website in October, but you can start researching plan options now by going here.  There are 15 dental plan choices and eight vision plan choices available.  Insurance for dental plans increased by 1.2 percent and vision plans growing by 2.8 percent.

On average, here’s what veterans will pay using biweekly rates.


  • Self: $17.41
  • Self plus one: $34.14
  • Self & family: $49.23


  • Self: $5.10
  • Self plus one: $10.23
  • Self & family: $14.75

When choosing FEDVIP, be sure to look closely at the waiting periods.  If you or a family member is undergoing treatment that will not finish this year, be careful when selecting your 2019 coverage.  Some 2019 plans have a 12-month waiting period or an age limit for orthodontic services. FEDVIP carriers will not cover in-progress treatment if you enroll in a FEDVIP plan with a waiting period.  Also, pay close attention to the types of service covered.  If you are undergoing treatment that doesn’t finish this year and your new plan does not cover the same treatment, you will not be covered.

If you are on active duty but are retiring before December 31, 2018, there’s an extra step for you.  You need to enroll in Tricare’s retiree dental plan now and then select a new FEDVIP plan during open enrollment.

Veterans may also purchase dental insurance through the VA Dental Insurance Program (VADIP).  Multiple plan options are available through Delta Dental of California and MetLife.  You’re responsible to pay the entire premium in addition to any copays.  Enrollment does not affect eligible veterans entitled to existing outpatient dental services through VA. 

You might be entitled to a one-time course of free dental care from VA if you’ve recently separated from the military.  You have 180 days (six months) to apply for this benefit from the date of your discharge.  Your DD214 can’t show that you received a complete dental exam or appropriate dental care prior to your separation.  If you experienced dental trauma while on active duty, you may be eligible for lifelong dental care and receive a service-connected disability. 

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