FBI arrests Army soldier who allegedly discussed making bombs, destroying news station on Facebook

Kaylah Jackson
September 23, 2019 - 1:54 pm
FBI arrests US Army soldier after discussing making bombs and destroying a new station on Facebook

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The FBI has arrested a U.S. Army soldier after he posted information on social media offering instructions on how to make explosives and threatening to bomb a news network

Specialist Jarrett William Smith, 24, stationed at Fort Riley, Kan., wrote on Facebook about his interest in traveling to Ukraine to join and fight with the Azov Battalion, a volunteer paramilitary group, according to an FBI investigator affidavit.

Smith discussed in a Facebook chat “killing members of Antifa and destroying a local news station.” He also told an undercover investigator how to make a vehicle bomb out of household items and offered to teach other users on the social media site how to make explosives with cell phones, “in the style of the Afghans.”

“Making AK47s out of expensive parts is cool, but imagine if you will if you were going to Walmart instead of a fun store to buy weapons,” Smith said in a Facebook chat.

Smith joined the U.S. Army in 2017 as an infantryman and had been assigned to Fort Riley since June of this year. 

"We are aware of the allegations against Spec. Jarrett Smith and can confirm he is an active duty Soldier assigned to Fort Riley.  These allegations violate our Army Values so we take them very seriously. Our law enforcement team cooperated with the FBI on his arrest over the weekend," said a spokesman for the 1st Infantry Division.

Smith was charged today in federal court for distributing bomb-making instructions over social media. If convicted could face up to 20 years in federal prison and a fine up to $250,000.

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