New Netflix documentary follows American military family for 10 years

Julia LeDoux
July 15, 2020 - 8:55 am


A new documentary follows an American soldier and his two sons on a 10-year journey that takes them from the battlefields of Afghanistan to Wisconsin and New York.

Netflix and the New York Times partnered to make “Father Soldier Son,”  Catrin Einhorn and Leslye Davis’s film that follows Brian Eisch as he deploys to Afghanistan and how his sons cope with his absence. 

Through joy and grief, their bonds are tested as they struggle to find their way in the shadow of the nation’s longest war,” writes The Times.

The boys’ are both under 12 and their mother is not a part of their lives when their dad deploys. 

They live with their uncle, only seeing Brian every six months when he comes home on leave, according to The Guardian.

Brian suffers a leg wound which removes him from the battlefield permanently and sends him home. He retreats into gaming while urging his sons to follow family tradition and join the military.

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“Much of the film takes place quietly as Einhorn and Davis observe and assemble the small revealing moments of a family on edge.” reports The Guardian. “While Brian’s youngest is keen to live out his father’s dream, his eldest is less enthused, and in one of the most painful scenes, Brian and his new girlfriend actively discourage him from an idea of college, betting him that instead the army awaits.”  

The documentary does not include voiceovers or scripted narratives. Direct interviews are also kept to a minimum.

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“There’s a conscious decision to avoid any overt form of political discussion despite proudly stated patriotism running throughout,” adds The Guardian.

“Father Soldier Son” is available on Netflix beginning July 17.

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