Eye on Veterans Dec. 1, 2018: NYC VetConnect, Toys For Tots, Randy Couture and more!

Eye on Veterans
December 04, 2018 - 8:11 am
CBS Eye on Veterans

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Part 1:  New York City mayor Bill DeBlasio announced the new VetConnect NYC program on Veterans Day, The program aims to connect vets with services to ease their post-service life and could be a blueprint for other cities and towns around the country. We get the fdetails from retired General Loree Sutton, commissioner of the NYC Department of Veterans Issues and and Jim McDonough, from Syracuse University's Institute for Veterans and Military Families which created the America Serves program that VetConnect NYC is based on.

Part 2:  Retired Army Colonel Gerald York is the grandson of WW1 Medal of Honor recipient, and Army legend, Alvin York. Gerald joins us to talk about his pride in carrying on his grandfather’s name in the Army and explains why he’s pushing hard to get a WW1 Memorial built in D.C. 100 years after the end of the war.

Part 3:  Toys For Tots CEO Pete Osman, a retired Marine Corps Lieutenant General, fills us in on the history of the history of Toys for Tots and tells us about the many ways the public can help bring joy to millions of children this holiday season through the program.

Part 4:  Wounded Warrior Project Legislative Directors Derek Fronabarger and Brian Dempsey explain why the WWP is getting more and more involved in legislative issues, and how they believe their advocacy can positively affect our wounded combat vets.

Part 5:  Before he was winning titles in the UFC and starring in movies alongside Stallone and Schwarzenegger, Randy Couture was an air traffic controller in the Army. He tells us how his 6 years in uniform changed his life for the better, and how he’s now fighting to help veterans through his work with the non-profit Merging Vets and Players.

Part 6:  Tori Marie, a navy vet, personal trainer and founder of Tori Marie Fitness gives some tips for living a healthier lifestyle, tips that are extra poignant as the holiday season, and all the accompanying food, is upon us.