This week's Employer of the Week wants you in the utilities sector

Elizabeth Howe
September 25, 2019 - 10:47 am
Utility Worker

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Our Employer of the Week series features one company each week that has made a commitment to hiring and supporting veterans. This week’s employer is the Utility Workers Union of America.

UWUA represents approximately 50,000 members from coast to coast in sectors including gas, water, nuclear, and electric. The organization represents some of the largest utility employers in the country. And in addition to performing all the important duties of a union organization, UWUA also has programs in place to help veterans find employment in these sectors. 

The Utility Worker Military Assistance Program (UMAP) has trained dozens of veteran cohorts for careers in the electric and gas industries. And the opportunities they have to offer are expanding. 

"My role includes trying to establish veterans programs across the country with some of the big utility employers that we have which will put our veterans in a position to take more apprenticeship programs," said Richard Passarelli, director of Veterans Affairs at UWUA.

"There's a lot of built-in intrinsic value that veterans have in the service," Passerelli said. "They're drug-free, they know how to show up on time, and they're knoweldageble in the fields that we have."

Veterans interested in learning more should visit UWUA's website and to learn more.

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