Photo courtesy of Power Home Remodeling Group

The largest residential remodeler in the country wants to hire veterans

August 07, 2019 - 1:08 pm

Our Employer of the Week series features one company each week that has made a commitment to hiring and supporting veterans. This week’s employer is Power Home Remodeling

"We're the largest residential remodeler in the country," said Michael Hansen, Marine Corps veteran and national director of Military Affairs. "We focus on energy-efficient retrofits — things like solar, windows, doors, siding, roofing. And as the market stabilizes we're looking to bring more clean technology into our deliverables."

And the company offers a range of programs for veterans. 

"We have a little bit of everything honestly," Hansen said. "We have a veteran military affairs coalition comprised of a representative of all major departments in the business. We also have a dedicated military affairs staff, a four-person team that manages our national footprint. Then we have a series of training and events that we host to continue to raise awareness and education across the country to reinforce and support the development of pipelines that absorb military and spouse talent across the country."

Power Home Remodeling even has something called the Power Veterans Initiative — a pioneering program taking a unique approach to boosting business success while empowering a community that has selflessly served. The program focuses on a scalable system that hires and develops military veterans while helping them redefine their identity outside the military. 

"We're growing exponentially around the country," Hansen said. "We've averaged over 20 percent growth annually for the last eight years. That kind of explosive growth means there's a lot of challenge to scale and correct scale. We've uniquely developed our military affairs division as a business department to help the company grow and meet scale. And in doing so we not only support the business growth — but it's actually helping to diversify our organization and inject the business with unique leadership from all over the country and all over the world." 

To learn more about opportunities for veterans at Power Home Remodeling, visit the veteran initiative page

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