Maryland State Police: From one uniform to another

Elizabeth Howe
May 13, 2019 - 11:59 am

Our Employer of the Week series features one company each week that has made a commitment to hiring and supporting veterans. This week’s employer is the Maryland State Police

"The Maryland State Police would be a good fit for military personnel or veterans because we are a paramilitary organization," said Corporal Quintina Walker with the Maryland State Police Recruitment and Selection Unit. "The fact that we have a rank structure, chain of command, we take pride in our uniforms and shining our brass, mirrors the experience of wearing a uniform and the pride that uniform represents. The types of jobs we do are sometimes grueling, sometimes in inclement weather, sometimes on the weekend. Veterans are used to that aspect of the job of being away for an extended period of time and being in environments that are ever-changing."

In addition to the benefit of familiarity, the Maryland State Police offers unique benefits to veterans seeking a new career. 

"We offer nuggets here and there for veterans to say 'We got you. Come join us. Be part of our family. You gave so much. We want to give it back to you,'" Walker said. 

Benefits include a Freedom Award ribbon presented to military Troopers at a special ceremony. At the academy and during the first two years as a Trooper, veterans can use the Post-9/11 GI Bill for up to $2,200 per month and $500 for books. The Maryland State Police will also accept up to five years of active duty military service towards the State of Maryland 25-year retirement. 

"They served their country in uniform. What's better than coming home to the opportunity to serve their communities, their state, their city in uniform as a law enforcement official," Walker said. 

The Maryland State Police recruitment staff collectively has decades of military experience and is eager to connect with any veteran interested in the law enforcement field. The office can be reached at (410) 653-4348. 

Additional Contact Info: 

MSP Military Liaison:
Gregg M. Harrington #1872
Maryland State Police Military Liaison
Retired Maryland State Police Sergeant College Park "Q" Forestville "L"
Retired US Army Military Police First Sergeant OIF 2, OIF 7, OEF 12
Work Cell (443) 743-0524  

MSP Recruiter:
Cpl. Donnell Jackson
Maryland State Police
Recruitment Selection Unit
Military Liaison/Recruiter
Off # 410-653-4209
Cell # 443-826-8907

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