Want to hire a SpecOps vet? Overwatch has you covered

Eric Dehm
August 09, 2018 - 11:19 am


When it says SEAL, Green Beret, or Recon Marine on your DD-214, it's safe to assume you're someone who's qualified at the highest level to wage war. Same goes for all of the jobs within the SpecOps community. But are those operators as qualified to kill it in the outside world?

Mike Sarraille believes they are, and he should know. Serving with both the Recon Marines and SEALs before retiring from the Navy, Sarraille has moved on to find post-military success as both the founder of Vetted and a member of the vaunted Echelon Front (EF) team co-founded by SEALs Jocko Willink and Leif Babin. 

While Sarraille, Willink, and Babin are examples of Special Operators who've found high-profile success, there are many more in the community who are having trouble finding their way after taking off the uniform. That fact led the EF team to create Overwatch, a new business aiming to connect employers with SpecOps vets, and vice-versa.

Courtesy Echelon Front

"For all the Special Operators out there, and combat aviators, you can submit an application," Sarraille said during an appearance on the Morning Briefing radio show. "And we're gonna help you through the process to place you into a job commensurate with your abilities."

While that initial connection is an important first step, Sarraille says it's on the vet to get the job done in the long run. He points out the importance of realizing that while time spent as an Operator instills valuable skills and discipline, it doesn't give you a lifetime pass. He's also quick to point out that anyone who thinks the "Spec" part of SpecOps stands for "I'm Special" or "Special Treatment" should look elsewhere. 

"The one thing is, come with humility. If you're not humble we're not gonna place you," Sarraille said. "And once we put you in a job, perform. Perform, that's the bottom line."

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