Eat like an operator

Special Ops dietician shares nutrition tips

Eye on Veterans
June 27, 2018 - 12:11 pm

Photo by SSgt. Victor J. Caputo, Courtesy DVIDS

While the average American might need to consume 2,000 calories to accomplish a hard day’s work and stay healthy, military special operations force members can easily burn double that — or more — while training or operating. 

Registered dietitian Lindsey Pfau creates custom diets for ground-based Air Force special tactics operators who she says present her with unique, challenging questions.  For instance: "What foods are going to fuel me for a 16-hour shift at nighttime— where I’m not totally overdoing caffeine?  Or what food is going to fuel me when I’m at 5,000-feet base camp and then I’ve got four days in a row of hiking up to as high as 14,000-feet — and I can only eat and drink what I can carry on my back, and I’ve already got 40 or 50 pounds of kit and gear on my back."  

Here’s what Lindsey told CBS Eye on Veterans’ Chas Henry about the diets she creates to help operators properly fuel, reduce inflammation and pain, and ensure mental acuity:

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