Courtesy Paul Szoldra

Duffel Blog launches Kickstarter for new card game

March 20, 2018 - 5:22 pm

Have you ever read a Duffel Blog headline and thought, “This is so funny, it should be made into a game!” Well, you’re in luck because it could be, with your help.

Duffel Blog is announcing today that they are launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund a new military themed card game based on their popular satirical website.

Called, “WTF, Over?” the game is similar to “Cards Against Humanity” with prompt and response cards. “I personally believe that Duffel Blog is pretty universal, for the most part. And we try to make it accessible to civilians interested in national security as well as the military,” said Duffel Blog founder and editor-in-chief Paul Szoldra.

It’s a 220-card deck, that according to Szoldra, features jokes and themes that everyone from hardcore Duffel Blog readers to new fans will enjoy.

Szoldra was approached by Justin Burgess and Kevin Jacobson, co-owners of War Games LLC and Duffel Blog contributors, to create the card game for fans.

They worked with Szoldra for several months to develop the cards for the game. The veteran-owned business has previous experience developing and marketing two military-themed card games, “Blue Falcon” and “FUBAR,” which Szoldra has played before and enjoyed with other veterans.

“So I have no doubt that the Duffel Blog “WTF, Over?” would be just exactly the same as,” the FUBAR game, he said.

One example given in a press release for the campaign posed this prompt: “ISIS just claimed responsibility for _____,” with potential responses including “Hillary Clinton’s missing emails,” or “banning chairs in the Air Force.”

Those who back the Kickstarter campaign will receive perks depending on their contribution amount, such as a sticker for $5.

Backers giving a larger contribution can receive “Stuff that’s I think would be kind of cool for Duffel Blog fans, like being written into a Duffel Blog article,” Szoldra said. “And I promise it will be a positive character, not a negative one.”

“WTF, Over?” has already been designed and sent to the printer, so backers don’t need to worry about a long wait for the game be developed.

“Everything’s ready to go, it’s just we need the money to pay for it,” Szoldra said. And if the Kickstarter is successful, he added, the game could eventually find its way into stores, but he doesn’t want to get ahead of himself.

“That’s kind of the thing, it has to do that first to be like, ‘hey, are people wanting this? Is this something they would like to see and enjoy?,’” he said about a successfully funded Kickstarter. “If we pass that hurdle, then we go from there.”

The campaign will run for 30 days to generate at least $15,000 and then if it is successful, the game is expected to be shipped sometime in November.