This veteran was saved from a house fire by his furry friend Curly

Elizabeth Howe
October 09, 2019 - 11:01 am
Curly the Dog

City of Beaufort/Town of Port Royal Fire Department


Vietnam War veteran Brian Rand would have been inside his South Carolina home when it was engulfed by fire — if it weren't for his four-legged friend Curly. 

Rand was sleeping around 1 a.m. on the morning of Monday, Oct. 7, when he woke to find Curly nudging him with his nose repeatedly. Rand quickly realized his home was on fire. Both Rand and Curly were able to escape the house and call 911. 

Rand's home after fire

While Rand's home was destroyed, firefighters were able to save Rand's medals from his service in the Vietnam War. 

“All crews did an exceptional job today on this early morning fire and we were able to extinguish the fire in approximately 30 minutes,” said Deputy Chief of Operations Tim Ogden.


Rand adopted Curly from an animal shelter three years ago. 

"Right from the start, he just attached to me," Rand told WJCL. "He picked me."

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