Doc Spartan: How a vet and a vet's spouse teamed up to build a national brand

The secret: teamwork.

Eric Dehm
January 19, 2018 - 10:30 am

(Photo courtesy Doc Spartan)


Doc Spartan co-founder and Army vet Dale King will be the first to tell you teamwork is a key to success both during and after a military career.

Sure, you can try to accomplish a mission like taking an enemy position by yourself, but good luck with that. The chances of success are so minimal that those who do, and live to tell the tale, tend to end up with the Medal of Honor around their neck.

Do you see many people walking around with one of those?

The same applies to the business world. There are the rare individuals who succeed on their own, but they are few and far between. You're far more likely to find business successes built on a partnerships and teamwork and former intel officer King and his Doc Spartan co-founder Renee Wallace, the spouse of a former Army Kiowa pilot, are evidence of this.

Their partnership has allowed them to take their idea to provide military-themed all-natural personal care and hygiene products from small beginnings in Portsmouth, Ohio to the national stage, including an appearance on ABC's Shark Tank  resulting in an investment from one of the sharks.

Following their Shark Tank appearance, Doc Spartan began receiving requests for the attention getting "Ranger Panties" Dale King wore on the show, now among their most popular items.
(Photo courtesy Dale King)

In a recent interview on The Morning Briefing, which you can hear below, King expounded on his partnership with Wallace, the humble beginnings of Doc Spartan, the appearance on Shark Tank, and how it led to "American Flag Ranger Panties" becoming the most popular item offered by the company.

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