This veteran is the poster child for the phrase "if you aren't networking, you're not working."

Lauren Warner
August 29, 2018 - 12:55 am

Photo courtesy of LushRadioOnline

She’s been called a media maven, a hustler and multimedia guru; Mojisola Edu (you can call her Mo), continues to prove that no matter how stacked the odds are against her, she will always come out on top.

Mo served in the Army as a Human Resource Specialist for 5 years before a snag in the system sent her out on a separation instead of completing the medical board process she'd been in the midst of tackling.

Photo courtesy of Diverse Media Group, LLC.

“I found myself a homeless, single mother with nowhere to go,” says Mo, as she recalls the rock bottom she hit without the financial support of the Army. “My daughter and I were sleeping in churches on cots, anywhere that would take us; I would find libraries so that I could have a place to sleep and we had to bathe in bathrooms.”

When Mo separated from the Army in 2005 support for homeless veterans, and even more specifically homeless single parent veterans, was scarce. Her turn-around began when a guardian angel of sorts took her under his wing, giving her and her daughter a place to stay while she got back on her feet.

“He’s the reason LushRadio Online got started,” explains Mo, “he didn’t think I was serious but told me he would give me a thousand dollars to start the company. So I went and filed for the licenses and came up with a logo and purchased branding materials and that was the start of what led me here today.”

Photo courtesy of Diverse Media Group, LLC.

As she stands in front of a group of fellows coaching them on “The Art of the Hustle,” you easily get a sense of how she’s been so successful.

“My focus was figuring out how I could take my life skills and knowledge and create revenue,” says Mo, between checking two phones and uploading pictures from her coaching session to LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook. “My mom used to remind me that ‘no closed mouth gets fed,’ encouraging me to never hold back from asking for help. I got it all from my mom-- I've been hustling since I was in the womb."

Within Diverse Media Group LLC., an umbrella group she created in order to expand her business, Mo has developed a series of “doing business as” (DBA’s). Thanks to the popularity of her radio show, she manages to generate revenue online as well as YouTube but doesn’t stop there. She recently got her certification as a life coach, handles brand management for Belizean Hot Sauce, runs a multimedia consulting company, is licensed for government contracting work and does correspondence work for her husband's indoor soccer brand as well.

Photo courtesy of Diverse Media Group, LLC.

It seems that Mo has a solid idea of how to keep it all together, she points out that ‘there is no work-life balance, but there is work-life integration.’ The most important thing to remember is that you have to customize your life so that it works for you.

Throughout her time as a media personality, Mo has rubbed elbows with everyone from Kevin Hart and Denzel Washington to Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda McMahon. Yet she is still grounded, her biggest accomplishment is her daughter who is incredibly successful in school, currently holding a 4.25 GPA. 


Photo courtesy of Diverse Media Group, LLC.

Never forgetting what she endured to get to this point, she's a fierce advocate on Capitol Hill and in the DC Mayor's office for the veteran population. Her newest project for the Mayor's offices, both in DC and in Maryland, is a proclamation for a Women Veterans Appreciation Day. 

"Being underestimated as a disabled female veteran, or any one of those labels has definitely been my biggest obstacle," Mo says. "Too many veterans get lost in this shuffle of transition and end up having to deal with homelessness, unemployment and family issues. We [female veterans] are an underserved population, but we're also some of the biggest hustlers. So we as veterans need to stand up and ask for more, we need to be the ones taking accountability. We deserve better." 

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