How Twitter followers helped the wounded Green Beret that rescued 'Lone Survivor' Marcus Luttrell

Phil Briggs
August 15, 2018 - 3:36 pm

Scrolling through Twitter, I saw this post and stopped.

I usually look at posts from Special Forces veterans for motivation - but this one motivated me to learn more about the man who Marcus Luttrell said saved him in “his darkest hour”. 

A few direct messages and one short phone call later, and I had a new motivation - tell the story of the hero behind the hero.

Bo and Beverly Ramsey

While almost everyone knows the movie Lone Survivor, and most recall the name of the book’s author, NAVY SEAL Marcus Luttrell, few know the name Master Sgt. David “Bo” Ramsey.  But without Ramsey and his fellow Green Berets from the Army’s 3rd Special Forces Group, there would likely never be a book or a movie.

Dreamstime/TeamNeverQuit/Briggs Illustration

Above: Clockwise, Lone Survivor book, Marcus and Melanie Luttrell, NAVY SEAL Marcus Luttrell, the movie based on the book.

“I love to hear Bo tell the story,” Beverly Ramsey said in a warm southern accent. “He said he was the last in a line of guys walking, when an Afghani local came running up with a piece of paper and shouting, 'American, American, American!' The man gave it to my husband, and from there on, Bo orchestrated the mission which led to the eventual rescue of Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell.”


Above: Team Leader Master Sgt. David Ramsey, 2nd from left in first row, and the US Army, 3rd Special Forces Group team. Picture taken after the rescue mission.

The event she described, and the entire story behind Operation Red Wings, is one of fiercest and emotional stories in US military history. But as Ramsey’s team would eventually rescue Luttrell, and recover the other fallen team members, few would ever dream of a day when Bo Ramsey would need Luttrell’s help.

One evening in late May, Ramsey was riding his motorcycle home from a local bike event. He was only a mile and a half from home when he was struck by a driver who failed to stop at a light.  The driver turned in front of him and the two collided. He hit the car and was thrown into the air and landed around 100 feet from his motorcycle.  According to Beverly Ramsey, “Bo never saw it coming.”

Beverly Ramsey described his condition with the conviction of a trauma nurse, “So now, Bo has an open book fracture of the pelvis, a spinal cord impingement, fractures in his foot, ribs and his right elbow is broken and completely disrupted.”

Above: Bo Ramsey, getting encouragement on the phone from his friend Marcus Luttrell.

As the doctors treated Ramsey’s injuries in Chapel Hill, NC,  his family decided to see if they could rally the support of a few friends who could inspire Bo to endure the pain and recover quickly.  Beverly Ramsey said, “My youngest daughter said, 'Oh mama, wouldn’t it be great if Marcus Luttrell knew Bo was hurt.' And I thought, what an inspiration for Bo, if we could get Marcus to come here.”

Though her husband had not seen Luttrell since that fateful mission in Afghanistan, within a few hours of being contacted, Beverly Ramsey got a phone call.  “His exact words words were- Don’t worry, Don’t worry ... we’re going to help you with everything you need,” explained Ramsey.

After Luttrell requested the link to their GoFundMe page (with an initial goal of only $15K), the power of Twitter and the love of veterans took over.  “Now mind you, when I talked to Marcus I was just hoping he would come and visit … but when my niece told me to look at our page, I was like, what in the world is going on!  Marcus had shared the link, and even called Fox News ... within hours the picture of Bo’s team was on the news!” Ramsey said with excitement.

In about a month, they have raised over $105k. 


“Bo and I are humble people, and this is just overwhelming … we’re just so grateful,” said Beverly Ramsey in a heartfelt southern tone. “We love you Marcus (and Melanie), love you till the end of time.”

The road ahead of Bo Ramsey is long, and likely full of painful rehabilitation and operations.  His home will need serious renovation to accommodate a wheel chair, and there will be major life changes that he and his family will need finances (and patience) to get through.


Above: A look down a hallway in the Ramsey home, where their dog Rambo awaits Bo's return.

But like the missions he’s been on before, Bo Ramsey can count on the support of his veteran brothers and sisters, Team Never Quit, and the thousands of followers who support him through a man he once helped rescue. Proving that like Bo and Marcus, there are many Americans who mean when they say, "I got your back."  

For more information on how you can help Bo Ramsey click here.


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