Rep. Crenshaw gets a surprise visit from his past

Elizabeth Howe
April 11, 2019 - 10:23 am



Representative Dan Crenshaw (R - Tx.) gets dozens of visitors every week — but he surely wasn't expecting this one. 

Crenshaw didn't realize he had met this visitor, Linda, before — on a very significant day in his life. 

"In 2012, she was serving in Afghanistan as a nurse," Crenshaw wrote of Linda in a tweet. "I learned she was part of the incredible medical team who treated me after an IED blast ripped through my body and nearly blinded me."

The blast did leave Crenshaw with an eyepatch — which he occasionally switches out with a range of badass variations. For example, Crenshaw's State of the Union eyepatch appeared to be made of wood and had a Navy SEAL trident on the edge. 

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