Photo courtesy of Dreamstime

If the military were to have a Batmobile it would be...

September 12, 2018 - 3:20 pm

In our latest poll, we asked which military vehicle was the coolest. Which would you hijack off a military installation if you were crazy? Which would you purchase for your dream garage if you were rich? Which would be the Batmobile of the military if there were such a thing? Why isn't there such a thing? 

Here are the results!

1. HMMWV with 24% of votes

Photo courtesy of Petty Officer 1st Class Tyler

2. Volkswagen Schwimmwagen with 23% of votes

Photo courtesy of Pierre Courtejoie

3. M2/M3 Bradley Fighting Vehicle with 20%

Photo courtesy of Sgt. 1st Class Craig Norton

4. M88A2 Hercules Recovery Vehicle with 14%

Photo courtesy of Sgt. Justin Bopp

5. LTATV with 11%

Photo courtesy of Sgt. Jason Hull