COOL program helps service members get accredited

Jake Hughes
January 17, 2018 - 1:54 pm

Military accomplishments can go a long way, but sometimes they don't directly translate to the civilian sector. While a four year degree could be for you, it isn't the only way to gain knowledge about an industry--sometimes, it just takes the right certificate.

The Credentialing Opportunities On Line initiative was started back in 2012. It allows active duty and Reserve/National Guard service members to get accredited in various fields, all for free. Russell Gray is the head of the Air Force's COOL program, and he says it's vitally important that service members consider getting involved. "When (service members) exit the military, you're suddenly competing with four-year college graduates who have been speaking the civilian language for years. We aim to give service members a leg up."

The service is tailored to a service member's needs. They can range from MOS or rate specific courses, like Adobe Suite for broadcasters or Electric Associates for equipment maintainers, to general studies like leadership and complex problem solving. COOL pays for all testing, and will even reimburse service members for study materials.

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Air Force


Marine Corps

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