Congressman Mast: "Unfettered access" to AR-15 is not good for the community

Eric Dehm
March 15, 2018 - 10:49 am

Photo courtesy Brian Mast

When he deployed to Afghanistan as an Army EOD technician, Staff Sgt. Brian Mast had an M-4 Carbine with him everywhere he went. Now representing Florida's 18th District, Congressman Brian Mast (R-FL18) says that while he doesn't believe that anyone's AR-15 should be confiscated, he believes it's time to limit, or completely end, the civilian population's ability to purchase the weapon. A weapon he says is, in essence, the same as that M-4 he took to war.

Photo courtesy Brian Mast

"The unfettered access that anyone has to this firearm simply because they are 18 years or older? It doesn't lend itself to the safety of our community," Mast said during an appearance on the Morning Briefing radio show. "That's an unpopular thing to say for a lot of people but I've got to voice my opinion on this one, and that's what it is."

Mast says he understands that "99%" of gun owners are law-abiding cirtizens, and he understands the thought process of those who don't want to lose the ability to purchase one of the most popular guns in the nation. He also understands that banning the AR-15 wouldn't end gun violence, let alone violence in general. What he doesn't understand is those who want to shut the conversation down before it even begins. Mast says the spirit of America is based in having an open, honest debate on any subject. photo

"Maybe we all come down in different places on this debate but I think our founders would roll in their graves if we weren't having the debate," Mast said. "(It's) about saying 'hey, what is going to be out there?' Does keep and bear arms mean every single arm that exists out there, or is it like the National Firearms Act where we say 'ok, listen, we're not going to sell full-auto off the rack.'"

You can listen the full interview with Rep. Mast, with an in-depth discussion on several topics including his Army career, the VA, Secretary Shulkin, guns and more below. 

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