Concierge for Care program targets recently transitioning veterans

Kaylah Jackson
February 23, 2018 - 8:48 am



Service members just getting out of the military can now benefit from the VA's new Concierge for Care program, a health-care enrollment service that targets recently transistioning veterans.

 “Our goal is to give transitioning service members one less thing to worry about,” said VA Secretary David J. Shulkin. “We know that more than a third of veterans who haven’t yet visited our facilities indicated they are not aware of VA health care benefits, while a quarter reported they do not know how to apply.”

Through this program, VA staff reach out personally to recently separated service members to answer their questions and process their health-care enrollment applications over the phone.

The DoD will send a list of recently separated service members to the VA each week, ensuring the VA is in constant contact with the large number of women and men getting out of the military and restarting their civilian lives. Ideally, the VA staff will get in touch with them within a month of their discharge. 

Veterans who served in particular combat operations are eligible to enroll and receive cost-free health care for medical conditions related to their military service during the five-year period after discharge.