CVA's 'Honor Their Sacrifice' campaign wants lawmakers to do just that — honor veteran sacrifice

Elizabeth Howe
September 12, 2019 - 12:23 pm
Honor Their Sacrifice

Concerned Veterans of America


Concerned Veterans for America wants to refocus lawmakers on foreign policy, VA reform, and federal spending efforts — and they're launching a new campaign to do just that. 

"Honor Their Sacrifice" is a two-month awareness and advocacy campaign that will use CVA's grassroots, digital, media, and government affairs capabilities to advance the organization's three priorities: ending the war in Afghanistan, lowering the national debt, and providing health care choice for veterans within the VA system.

"We're an organization of military members, veterans, military families — we all served," said CVA Executive Director Nate Anderson. "And whether that was in combat or holding down the homefront as military spouses and families until their service members returned — that represents, in our minds, a significant sacrifice. That means that our military community has skin in the game. We have a vested interest in seeing America prosper. That's why we signed up, that's why we volunteered to defend this nation." 

And now, defending the nation means highlighting and educating Americans about these very relevant issues — issues that veterans know a lot about.

Specific goals include ending the war in Afghanistan, reducing U.S. government spending to lower the national debt, and providing full health care choice for veterans using the VA's health care system. 

"The key to these three issues is that they're all connected," Anderson said. "Our foreign policy drives up our national debt, our foreign policy permanently affects the lives of our veterans and the way they receive healthcare at the VA...These are connected issues, and that's why we're highlighting them together." 

From Sept. 12 to Veterans Day, CVA will spend up to $500,000 on targeted outreach to publicly encourage lawmakers to support policies that honor the sacrifices veterans have made for the country. But encouraging and educating isn't where CVA wants to stop. 

"We want to see these issues highlighted. We want this to be a front and center conversation in our society and in politics," Anderson said. "It's not just about education and elevating the issue — we actually want to see policy change on these three core areas."

And they're counting on veterans and civilians alike to help get that done. 

"This is going to be a targeted set of tactics — both ads and media and we're also activating our grassroots," Anderson said. "We're not only reaching out to veterans and military families. We're reaching out to a broader swath of Americans who we feel are going to stand with us on this...America has a lot of respect for our military because of the sacrifices that they made. We know that people are going to stand with us and call on those officials to take those issues seriously."

"This is really about long-term societal and policy change — not just about a feel-good education effort," Anderson added. "This is about changing policy in America."

Visit the Honor Their Sacrifice website to learn more.

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