Has COVID-19 left you unemployed? These companies are hiring.

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March 25, 2020 - 9:43 am
Job Hiring Resources During COVID-19

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This story was orginally published on March 25, 2020 and has been updated as of March 26, 2020.

States across the country are citing the coronavirus for mass layoffs, many of them in the service and transportation industry.  By March 14, unemployment insurance claims increased from 211,000 to 281,000 according to the Department of Labor. As of March 21, claims rose to over 3 million.

While unemployment claims increase, there are many employers looking to quickly fill full and part-time vacancies.

7-Eleven - Up to 20,000 new positions are available nationwide at 7-Eleven. The company is looking for people to complete mobile orders and stock store shelves. To apply, visit the website.

Amazon - The delivery service wants to hire 100,000 warehouse workers and drivers. Amazon also increased its wages by $2 due to COVID-19 and will pay employees $17 an hour. According to the company's news release, no resume or previous experience is required. To apply, visit the website.

CVS Health - By instituting virtual interviews and job fairs, CVS is adding 50,000 employees to its force. Individuals can receive bonuses ranging from $150 to $500. The company is looking for a variety of openings from pharmacists to store clerks. To apply, visit the website.

Dollar Tree and Dollar General - By April, both discount chains aim to hire approximately 50,000 people within roles at stores, warehouses, and fleet network. To apply, visit the website.

Instacart- As more Americans practice social distancing the demand for food delivery services has increased. Instacart, a grocery and delivery pick up service, is adding up to 300,000 workers across the country to answer this demand. The app offers a door delivery option as a safety precaution for online shoppers and customers. Employees can receive sick pay which can be used as paid time off. To apply, visit the website

Kroger - The grocery chain has already hired some 2,000 workers in response to the coronavirus pandemic but is looking to add about 10,000 more to its workforce. To apply visit the website.

PepsiCo - The company aims to hire up to 6,000 full time, full benefit employees in the coming months. The company has also announced an increase in health benefits, including free COVID-19 testing and a $100 reimbursement a day for child care. To apply, visit the website.

Pizza Chains - Pizza Hut is adding 30,000 open positions to its website. Papa Johns is hiring up to 20,000 additional employees and Dominoes is also adding to its workforce. 

Slack - Business closures have caused thousands to adjust their schedules to work from home. Slack, a teleworking and communication software, has announced new and remote position vacancies in technical support, sales and marketing. To apply, visit the website.

Sheetz -  In addition to giving its employees a $3 an hour pay increase through next month, the company has 1,300 full and part time vacancies. To apply, visit the website.

Walmart - From distribution center to supply chain, Walmart has committed to hiring 150,000 associates nationwide. From now until Memorial Day, fulfillment center employees will earn between $15 to $19 an hour, a $2 increase from previous rates. To apply, visit their website.

Walgreens - Over 9,000 vacancies are currently open at Walgreens, including customer service associates, pharmacy technicians and shift leads. Walgreens is also offering one-time bonuses of $300 for full time and $150 for part-time hourly team members in stores and distribution centers beginning in April. To apply, visit the website.

Veterans Affairs - VA currently has 43,000 job vacancies agency-wide, many of them openings for doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals. If you're a medical professional interested in coming out of retirement, email vacareers@va.gov or apply at vacareers.va.gov

VA asks retired doctors, nurses to return to duty to help fight COVID-19

Zoom - With more companies using video conferences and teleworking communications, Zoom has seen an increase in demand. The company is looking for applications in a variety of fields including information technology, finance, and sales. To apply visit the website.

For more employment resources specifically for veterans, visit  Get Help, Employment and to learn about companies dedicated to hiring veterans Employer of the Week.

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