This college will be the first to offer free tuition to children and spouses of the fallen

May 29, 2018 - 3:36 pm

A college in Tennessee intends to offer a free education to the spouses and children of American service members killed or seriously wounded in action.

Beginning this fall, the University of Memphis will accept these students free of charge, thanks to scholarship dollars.   

The massive discount is an expansion of the Folds of Honor program, a scholarship that provides $5,000 to dependents and spouses of military members.

Folds of Honor officials told the Commercial Appeal that they have been working to find universities to accept the $5,000 scholarships as “payment-in-full,” and that the University of Memphis was the first to agree to those terms.

According to Folds of Honor, the scholarship is available to dependents of military personnel under the age of 24, and military spouses of any age, if they haven’t remarried.

University officials told Connecting Vets that more information will be provided in the coming weeks, but a spokesperson for the University of Memphis said there will be a “possible cap on how many will be admitted,” and that the full scholarship will only be available to Tennessee residents.

Most states provide tuition waivers to spouses and dependents of veterans who were either killed or missing in action. Certain states including Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, Montana, South Dakota, Texas, Wisconsin and Wyoming have been providing tuition waivers at public colleges for years.

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