Code of Vets: Passion, power and a new voice in politics

Phil Briggs
March 12, 2018 - 2:16 pm

“We do not need mainstream media, we’ve got each other ... and they did this to themselves”

-Gretchen Smith


When Gretchen Smith was in the Air Force, she likely never dreamed she would become a voice (and a face) for the new conservative movement in American politics.

But in just a few months, she has grown her social media brand "Code of Vets" from an idea to honor her Vietnam Veteran father, to a daily conversation with over 70K followers.

She recently shared with Phil Briggs her journey and inspiration.

On this podcast she shares:

  • Code of Vets, founded on Facebook and Twitter 
  • Serving in the Air Force
  • The inspiration ... Her father's proud service (and difficult post Vietnam life)
  • America First! COV's dedication to President Trump's agenda
  • Trade Tariffs: Why they make sense
  • Picking future politicians through social media

The Stories behind Code of Vets:

“The inspiration for Code of Vets, comes from my Dad’s service in the jungles of Vietnam,” explained Gretchen Smith.

But the story of her father Danny Smiley, like so many war fighters, is bittersweet.


He received the Bronze Star for his brave service against hostile forces from the Summer of 1970 through March of 1971.


 “He had to shut himself down to do what he had to do … he watched many of his friends die in gruesome ways,” Smith said. “When he returned from the jungles of Vietnam, he was a changed man … his PTSD haunted him until the day he died.”


After returning home he started a family, but he couldn’t end the war within. She recalled how he was in and out of jail, and in and out of his children’s lives, “He was not a good father and husband.”

But in an emotional part of the podcast, she described a moment that would impact both their lives forever, “He had returned from prison … Surrounded by his beautiful family, hearing the pitter patter of little feet, he started feeling emotions he’d never felt before, like love … and I walked over to him reached up and grabbed his finger with my little hand, and I looked at him with those innocent blue eyes … and I looked at him like he was somebody.”  

And in that moment, her Dad later told her, “You made me feel like I was Superman.”

Family Tradition

Later, Gretchen would later follow the family tradition of military service and join the Air Force.

While stationed in Germany she met her husband, and together they used the Montgomery GI Bill to continue their educations and obtain several degrees.  Later they found success in the private sector and raised a family.

Today, Gretchen is finding new success in politics, where her daily videos capture an audience of over 70K followers.

She and her her followers discuss the news, public policy and promote political candidates from around the country who are supporting the America First agenda.

Her support for President Trump, the Make America Great Again vision, and Conservative American values is only rivaled by her love of Veterans.

Code of Vets is on Facebook and Twitter, with plans for a website and merchandise coming later in 2018.