The Coast Guard is at it again with another kickass drug bust

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August 29, 2019 - 10:43 am
A U. S. Coast Guard boarding team in an interceptor boat deployed from the Coast Guard Cutter Robert Ward (WPC-1130) approaches a suspected drug smuggling vessel in international waters of the Eastern Pacific Ocean July 16, 2019, during a patrol of drug t

(U.S. Coast Guard video)

The Coast Guard is at it again with another drug bust--to the tune of about $38.5 million.

The crew of Coast Guard Cutter Robert Ward (WPC-1130), along with another cutter in the region, seized approximately 2,800 pounds of cocaine during their first drug patrol in the Eastern Pacific Ocean, Thursday.

“I’m proud of the Ward’s crew and applaud their actions to disrupt the cartels that profit from crime, addiction and ruined American lives," said said Rear Adm. Peter W. Gautier, the 11th Coast Guard District commander. 

You might remember back in July when the crew of Cutter Munro (WMSL 755)  jumped onto a self-propelled submarine in the middle of the ocean, opened the hatch and eventually recovered 17,000 pounds of cocaine. 

The Coastie from that badass video is getting an award — and we couldn't agree more

This badass Coast Guard crew just commandeered a suspected drug smuggling vessel in the Eastern Pacific

“We helped stem the flow of illegal drugs by seizing and disrupting more than three tons of cocaine. We saved lives by keeping these drugs off the streets. Our crew is in friendly competition with other fast response cutter crews stationed in other parts of the nation and on our first patrol we are already credited with the second largest cocaine seizure and disruption rate for any Coast Guard ship in our class," said Lt. Benjamin Davne, Robert Ward’s commanding officer. 

Bravo Zulu, Coasties.

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