CBS Eye on Veterans | 'Capt Portland' Navy vet talks violence, BLM and ZeroEyes guards against guns

Eye on Veterans
July 24, 2020 - 11:59 am
Navy vet Chris David dubbed “Captain Portland” talks violence at protests

In this episode:

Navy vet Chris David dubbed “Captain Portland” talks violence at protests
CNN / Briggs Illustration

A recent viral video shows Navy veteran Chris David being struck by law enforcement during recent protest riots in Portland, Oregon. 

In our, in-depth interview, David shares his thoughts on:

  • The protests in Portland
  • Why did he refuse to move?
  • Why did he feel he needed to be there?
  • Why does he think the federal agents are to blame for the unrest?
  • What should America be doing to support the Black Lives Matter movement?

Zero Eyes CEO Mike Lahiff talks about AI security for schools

Plus we'll hear from a former SEAL, who is now the CEO of a groundbreaking company called ZeroEyes.  Mike Lahiff talks about how ZeroEyes combines AI technology with security cameras to watch for guns in schools and other public places. Lahiff's real-world experience in military Special Operations also helps illustrate how ZeroEyes can make a crucial difference in assisting law enforcement.

Click here to learn more about ZeroEyes  AI security technology


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