Check out this badass truck, 'Freedom Blues'

Phil Briggs
April 06, 2018 - 2:20 pm

Courtesy of Hank Robinson

From the minute we saw this Ford F-150 on Facebook, we knew we had to talk with the artist. 

Meet Hank Robinson, Owner/Engraver, Hanro Studios

This Army veteran, who engraves the details with a Dremel that practically jump out at you, recently told us about this insanely cool project and some other equally impressive rides he’s done.  

When/Where did you serve? 

2001 to 2010 - U.S. Army's 1st Infantry Division,  2/2 Infantry and 158th infantry of the Arizona National Guard. 

How did you start the engraving? (I heard you took a welding class?)

Yes, I first picked a Dremel up in a combination welding course, haven’t been able to put it down since.

How do you do it?  What kinda tool?

Really depends on the material but really just like a tattoo. Get a basic outline to make sure proportions are good and just engrave. My daily tool is the Dremel 4300 or 4000.

How long did it take to do the entire truck?

So "Freedom Blues" took just over 800 hours of engraving time.

Does it honor any specific soldier?

No, I originally wanted to do it for the 1st Infantry Division, but we ended up using our social media fans to send in pictures and stories, so all the engravings are referenced off real soldiers but we didn't want to make it too personal. 

Who did that flag headliner? What’s it made of?

Kevin Kinsey from Scottsdale upholstery does all my interior work, it is a decommissioned flag. 

Who did the airbrushing?

The door jams were done by Troy Buck of FX Auto Body in Avondale AZ

Do you automatically get the right of way when driving it? 

Haha, pretty much. Although, people can never take their eyes off it. Defensive driving skills is a must and I have a big train horn just in case people get too close. 

Do Prius and Smart cars just magically get the #%! out of the way when driving it?

Typically, lol.

Tell me about the musicians you've done projects for...

I’ve had the opportunity to do some pretty awesome projects for some pretty amazing artists, but the coolest I think is Kid Rock's Cadillac, which was originally Waylon Jennings', but I got to engrave the grille and two outer aluminum plates, as well as all the leather on the interior doors, dash, seats, everything. 

What are you doing next? 

Recently signed a contract with Monster Energy, so focusing on a lot of live shows this year and my build will be a 1966 continental, but all engraved of course.