Eye on Veterans Dec. 8: WWP, Boulder Crest Retreat, VFW, AMVETS and more!

Eye on Veterans
December 10, 2018 - 8:29 am
CBS Eye on Veterans

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Part 1:  We bid farewell to WW2 Navy hero President George HW Bush, and discuss the data from the Wounded Warrior Project's 2018 survey with Dr. Melanie Mousseau

Part 2Boulder Crest Retreat founder Ken Falke returns to the show to discuss what he thinks is going wrong in the fight against the suicide and mental health issues in the veteran community, as VA data shows the suicide rate among Post 9/11 vets is rising.

Part 3:  What’s the latest on the so-called “Mar-A-Lago three” which was alleged to have been running the VA despite not working for the government in any capacity? AMVETS Exec. Director Joe Chenelly gives an update to a story that had, mostly, fallen off the radar.   

Part 4:  After the disastrous launch for the ’18 Fall semester, the VA has decided to hit the reset button on the Forever GI Bill. What does that mean for students, schools and those still serving? We find out from Veterans of Foreign Wars Deputy Director Pat Murray.

Part 5:  ConnectingVets reporter Kaylah Jackson tells us about the 6888th Central Postal Directory Battalion, WW2’s only all-female, all-black unit.

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